NMPS Parents Forum

9 November 2016

“Parents and carers helping and supporting NMPS respond to impacts of enrolment pressures”

We hope to see you at this meeting to discuss the enrolment pressures experienced by the North Melbourne Primary School Community. This meeting will be organised and facilitated by a number of parent representatives, not members of the School Council. Families and friends are welcome to attend to share their thoughts and any discussions from the evening will be documented and used to help shape the upcoming School Council survey.

Time           7.00 pm – 9.00 pm

Date           Wednesday 9 November 2016

Location     North Melbourne Community Centre,  49 Buncle Street, North Melbourne

Please feel free to invite other interested parents and carers.




Item     Time        Activity

1              7.00 pm       Arrival, mix and mingle - review information table

2              7.15 pm       Welcome and thank you

3              7.20 pm       Outline suggested agenda and ask for thoughts and feedback and amend as necessary

                                    Outline draft objectives and ways of working for the Forum and ask for feedback from the

                                    group and amend as necessary

4              7.30 pm       Open floor discussion on parents' and carers' priorities

                                    Summarise into agreed themes for table group discussion

5              8.00 pm       Break into table groups to discuss priority themes (if approach supported)

                                    Table leads will prompt parents and carers to chat around each priority themes

6              8.30 pm       Table groups report back priorities and suggested initiatives

7              8.45 pm       Wrap up, discuss next steps, open floor final comments

                                    Thankyou and close